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We are engaged in the business of marketing, selling and distributing light aromatic flavor Chinese Baijiu with a moderate price range in China. Traditionally we focused our business on the distribution and sale of Chinese Fenjiu Liquor, which is the premium brand name for light aromatic flavor Chinese Baijiu produced by Fenjiu Group. Distribution and sale of Fenjiu Liquor presented great business opportunities for us to build up extensive distribution channels and to develop effective marketing strategies to attract Chinese Baijiu consumers while promoting light aromatic flavor Chinese Baijiu under our own brands. Collaboration with Fenjiu Group and the sale of co-branded Fenjiu Liquor have increased the name recognition of our own brands. In October 2016 we established our imported wine distribution business, in which we sell and distribute wines imported from Spain and New Zealand in China. After years of accumulation of experience, we have obtained significant knowledge of Chinese Baijiu market and deep understanding of the tastes of Chinese Baijiu consumers. With such knowledge and understanding, we started to shift our business focus to marketing and selling light aromatic flavor Chinese Baijiu under a series of our own brands, including Dagangjiu (translated as “Big Jar Liquor”), Xiaogangjiu (translated as “Small Jar Liquor”), Jinshuiyao (translated as “the Tale of Shanxi’s Water”) and a few other brands.

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6470 East Johns Crossing, Suite 160 Johns Creek, GA 30097

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Consumer Goods